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2019-12-12 · Simply put, Blazing Chrome is a near-flawless title. It's easy to pick up and play, delivers thrills and challenge, and is just incredibly fun. Developer JoyMash obviously has much love for the...
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Blazing Chrome (18 Reviews)

2019-12-12 · Simply put, Blazing Chrome is a near-flawless title. It's easy to pick up and play, delivers thrills and challenge, and is just incredibly fun. Developer JoyMash obviously has much love for the...

2019-07-11 · Blazing Chrome Review: For Devoted Contra Fans Only Joymasher's Blazing Chrome is a retraux action game which seeks to woo Contra aficionados with its challenging run-and-gun pixelated gameplay. By Leo Faierman Jul 11, 2019

Blazing Chrome doesn’t just play like classic Contra titles, but it fully looks the part too. It really nails the apocalyptic theme that’s so synonymous with '80s movies and games; backgrounds are...

2019-07-11 · “ Blazing Chrome takes everything you know and love about the original Contra and gives it an excellent update for 2019.” Your main rifle does decent damage, but Blazing Chrome quickly ups the ante...

2019-07-11 · Blazing Chrome is hardcore. If you've had even a passing dalliance with the Contra series (mostly known as Probotector in Europe) in the past, you'll already know what's in store in Joymasher and...

2019-07-11 · Blazing Chrome is an authentic retro run 'n' gun experience that'll surely satisfy genre fans. That being said, there are many frustrating moments that are difficult to overlook and the amount of content is a little thin, too. + Tight classic run 'n' gun gameplay + Exciting action throughout 6 stages with an impressive amount of variety

2019-07-11 · Blazing Chrome review by Gary Bailey on . July 11, 2019. Details . Platform PC PlayStation 4 Switch Xbox One. Developer JoyMasher. Publisher The Arcade Crew. Reviewed On PlayStation 4 Pro ...

Blazing Chrome Review. By. Jahanzeb Khan - July 11, 2019. 463. 0. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. ReddIt. Email. Tumblr. Mix. Indie developer JoyMasher hail from Brazil where retro ...

Lock and load everyone, because it’s time to kick some metal ass! Find out in our Blazing Chrome review if you are worthy of fighting for the Resistance. Nostalgia is the most powerful gaming fuel of this generation. And even if it gives a new coat of shows to old glories of the video game pantheon, it can feel like it lacks creativity.

2019-07-11 · Blazing Chrome is just as fast and fluid as anyone who played Contra would expect, and controls like a dream on retro-style controllers like 8BitDo’s M30. You get lock-in-place aiming, a slide move, and a melee attack. The stages themselves are varied, with enemies and platforming gimmicks unique to each one as well as vehicle segments that recall Contra III’s motorcycle and Metal Slug’s ...

1; JamieO; Thu 2nd Jan 2020; Thanks to Push Square for publishing this review as it links to my Top 5 PS4 Games of 2019 list. When Blazing Chrome released in July 2019 it was a couple of months ...

Blazing Chrome Review | Living in the past. Of course, that’s all by design. The entirety of Blazing Chrome exists as both a nostalgia piece and a challenge for hardened veterans. From the ...

2019-08-03 · Blazing Chrome Xbox One review: The best Contra homage ever made Blazing Chrome is completely bonkers! Asher Madan. 3 Aug 2019 0 Blazing Chrome is a co-op shoot 'em up on Xbox One that pays homage ...

2019-07-14 · Blazing Chrome’s aesthetic is a perfect throwback to that gritty 90’s era of run-and-gun shooters that made the Sega Genesis such a console powerhouse. Both the chunky pixel graphics and dirty ...

2019-07-11 · Blazing Chrome Review. The far off year of A.D. 21XX isn’t looking too hot. The Great War happened decades ago, and humankind was on the losing end. As one of the members of the Resistance Camp, Marva teams up with the “converted toaster” Doyle to f ...

2019-07-11 · Blazing Chrome isn’t a long game, with a possible first completion clocking in at around 2 hours, but the overall experience demands replayability, either on a higher difficulty, or a different ...

2019-07-11 · Blazing Chrome is an incredible package, but unfortunately, it’s also an incredibly short one. Even a slow run will cap off at around three hours. From there, all you can do is replay the stages ...

Reviews Blazing Chrome Review – A Blast From The Past. Nitemare. July 19, 2019. 0 July 19, 2019. Blazing Chrome is a huge love letter to Contra and Metal Slug fans. From the graphics to the music, everything is a perfect homage to the classic side-scrol ...
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