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2020-07-23 · Carrion is the most wonderfully writhing Metroid-like game we've seen yet, one that's filled with blood and puzzles. The game could benefit from a map, but it's still a fun title in which you...
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Carrion (for PC) (17 Reviews)

2020-07-23 · Carrion is the most wonderfully writhing Metroid-like game we've seen yet, one that's filled with blood and puzzles. The game could benefit from a map, but it's still a fun title in which you...

2020-07-30 · Carrion is a fun reverse-horror adventure, though it doesn't push the concept to the heights of its potential.

2020-07-23 · Carrion review. Developer: Phobia Game Studio; Publisher: Devolver; Platform: Reviewed on PC; Availability: Out today on Switch, PC and Xbox One; It's to Carrion's great credit, then, that the ...

2020-07-27 · For anyone who’s ever watched a monster movie and thought “Hey, it would be pretty cool to be that monster,” the premise of Carrion is immediately appealing. It’s a power fantasy that has you going...

CARRION is a new spin on the classic horror game genre. Instead of running from the evil, bloodthirsty creature bent on destruction, players get to BE the monster itself. Awakened and freed from containment, you've got a hunger that's long overdue to be filled. Thankfully, there just so happens to be a research facility nearby, filled with all kinds of tasty human snacks. You'll use your ...

2020-07-23 · Carrion (PC) REVIEW – Lean Meat. Carrion is a short but undeniably fun reverse horror with plenty of clever ideas that will have you second-guessing meatballs.

Carrion Review | The Final Verdict Carrion is a great concept that becomes repetitive in practice. Taking control of a terrifying monster and mowing down a bunch of humans is fun at first, but it...

Review: Carrion - Jordan Devore Carrion will leave a trail of blood across Switch, Xbox and PC on July 23 - CJ Andriessen The squishy monster game Carrion is coming to Nintendo Switch - Jordan...

2020-07-23 · Carrion (PC) Review Erich Martin July 23, 2020 News, Nintendo Switch Reviews, past, PC Reviews, Reviews, Xbox One, Xbox One Reviews Leave a comment 855 Views Plenty of games task players with contending with a monster. Carrion flips the script and allows players to take up the role of the escaped monster.

Carrion Review: A Tasty But Non-Filling Experience (PC) Carrion has some frustrating and tasteless flaws, but it is an enjoyable horror indie title. Go around in this reversed horror game where you are the alien and eat up all of those tasty humans.

Carrion launches July 23 for PC, Switch, and Xbox One. Game Rant was provided with a PC code for this review. Game Rant was provided with a PC code for this review. Our Rating:

2020-07-23 · CARRION has a similarly satisfactory feel to Ape Out – the player getsto unleash violence upon the human scientists who’ve apparently kept this red blob trapped in the lab as a science experiment. MSRP: $19.99 Platforms: PC (reviewed), XB1, Switch Blood bath. CARRION’s focus is on evolution. Rather than a frantic race to the finish ...

Carrion PC Review. Review August 1st 2020 Simon Gable Lundmark. The trailer for Carrion is possibly the most compelling snippet of marketing I have seen for a video gamey video game in recent memory. Visceral, unnerving and intriguing. I’m not big on st ...

2020-07-24 · CARRION is a unique experience, but it might not be for everyone. Those looking for a sandbox of destruction will need to look elsewhere, as the game’s elaborate nature nudges the player to be deliberate in their combat and not to go out tentacles-blazing. I had a blast from start to finish, even if some sections made me take a step back to think about how to progress. It’s rewarding to ...

Carrion doesn’t waste any time putting you in the horrifying blob of the title beast, skipping over any exposition in order to set you upon the hapless scientists and guards of the facility you were being held captive in. Slithering through vents, suspending yourself with blood-soaked meat vines like Spider-Man turned inside out, and devouring any and all human life in your path, you ...

2020-07-31 · Carrion is primarily a 2D action game, but it also has a nice peppering of stealth, puzzle solving and Metroidvania elements tossed into the mix as well. You play as a grotesquely-tentacled meat monster whose only ambition is to grow and spread your biomass throughout this sprawling military-testing facility. To do so, you’ll be crawling through ventilation shafts, bursting through doors and ...

2020-07-23 · Carrion is foreboding, bizarre, and ultra-weird, and is kind of like playing an old-school 80s horror flick. Playtime: 8-10 hours. Carrion is the kind of game that could only exist as an indie. It ...
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