Edifier TWS NB2 Scores 82% Average by Tech Critics

Edifier TWS NB2

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Edifier has packaged the TWS NB2 earbuds with very little fanfare. My box was even a bit damaged, with the main cover sleeve unfortunately stuck to the interior box in such a way that I had to destroy it in order to get into the packaging (hence why I’m not able to share any box images with you). Inside that main box, the buds sit ensconced in foam, with three additional eartip sizes, a USB-C charging cable, a nice little drawstring carry bag, and a tiny (like, really tiny) instruction manual above it in a slim insert. It’s simple and effective, though not particularly sustainable (this kind of foam isn’t recyclable nor compostable). The total of four eartip sizes is also becoming below average, and I personally did not find an included tip that fit me just right. In contrast, buds like the Soundcore Liberty 2 Procome with nine total eartip sizes and almost every JLab set comes with at least six. It’s a minor complaint, but since it’s just inexpensive silicon we would like to see be...
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Edifier TWS NB2 (7 Reviews)
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