JBL Live 500BT

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Available in black, blue, green, red, or white models, the 500BT's circumaural (over-ear) design features exceptionally comfortable memory foam on the earpads and the underside of the headband. The outer earcup panels are matte plastic, and the headband is covered in fabric. Large JBL logos are emblazoned on the outer panels of both earcups, and they are both Live buttons—more on that in a moment. There are controls located along the side panel of the right earcup. There's a power/pairing switch that includes a status LED, a multifunction button that controls playback and call management, and plus/minus buttons that adjust the volume when tapped or track navigation when held. We're not fans of combining these two functions on the same button, as it's too easy to skip a track accidentally when you mean to adjust the volume. You can also summon voice assistants with the multifunction button, though the outer panels also allows for this. There's an Ambient Aware button, as well as a Bl...
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JBL Live 500BT (9 Reviews)
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