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2019-02-14 · Jump Force certainly starts on a high note as it drops you right into the middle of a conflict in Times Square between Jump heroes and super-powered, mind-controlled villains. You play a random...
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Jump Force (18 Reviews)

2019-02-14 · Jump Force certainly starts on a high note as it drops you right into the middle of a conflict in Times Square between Jump heroes and super-powered, mind-controlled villains. You play a random...

Jump Force is sort of a fighting game. It’s a 3v3 arena brawler based around a simplistic, button mashing combat system. You repeatedly hit the light attack or heavy attack buttons to string...

2020-09-08 · Jump Force Deluxe Edition Nintendo Switch Review: An Ugly Substitute. Jump Force on the Nintendo Switch is a fun experience overall, but suffers from a terrible frame rate and severely downgraded graphics.

Jump Force Review: A Fun Anime Brawler That Deserves More Jump Force features a great, iconic roster with satisfying combat and slick animations, but it's weighed down by careless development.

2020-09-02 · Jump Force sees several worlds from the Shonen Jump magazine colliding with the real world, leading to chaos. To top it all off, mysterious cubes have been turning some of the strongest heroes into evil zombies. After almost being killed by a stray blast from

2019-02-22 · Jump Force full review Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference boasted a few great surprises, but one of the biggest reactions of the night went to the reveal of Jump Force, a new fighting game from Bandai...

Worlds collide in JUMP FORCE as the stars of Japan’s hit Jump manga anthology series leap off the comic page and strike out in the real world. A mysterious and malevolent villain has set its sights on conquering our world, causing the walls between dimensions begin to weaken and wear away.

2020-09-04 · Facing off against your foes in teams of three, Jump Force is an immediately flashy, bombastic beast that's very easy to get to grips with. There's pretty much zero learning curve here as simple...

2020-08-31 · Jump Force uses a realistic art style which works in certain parts of the games and lacks in others. The realistic textures mixed with each character's original aesthetics looks great during...

Jump Force's biggest problem though is that it doesn't seem to quite know if it wants to be a story driven RPG or a fighting game. The story links each battle, and the battles move the story along ...

2020-09-05 · Jump Force Deluxe Edition starts well enough, thanks to a fun opening fight between Goku and Frieza in New York City. Mysterious but predictable villains have contrived a plan to merge the worlds...

2019-02-14 · Jump Force is a much more respectable game if all you're interested in is the core fighting. What we have here is an arena-style combat experience on a 3D plane featuring strict teams of three. You...

‘Jump force’ is a brand new fighting game that brings all of your favourite Weekly Shonen Jump characters together for the ultimate crossover. Created as part of the magazines 50th anniversary celebration, players are treated to a diverse range of iconic manga and anime characters. Currently, the game boasts over 50 playable characters available from 16 different WSJ titles with more soon ...

Jump Force – Review Images Provided by Bandai Namco The structure of Jump force is very similar to Dragon Ball’s Xenoverseseries. Players take on fights in the form of missions, earning them...

Jump Force doesn't even come close to the standard of quality that Shonen Jump fans would expect. Its many missteps, from the creepy visuals to basic design shortcomings tarnishes the experience ...

2019-03-15 · Jump Force consists of 3 on 3 team battles in an arena, where all three characters on a team share the same health and special gauges. All the familiar mechanics are here in a newbie-friendly format like basic attacks, heavy attacks, throws, dodging, chasing, etc. Each character also comes with four unique abilities that can be utilized repeatedly during the fight.

Jump Force Review | Omae wa Mou Shindeiru. Jump Force is one of the strangest fighting games around. One that's hard to love, but impossible to hate. February 26 2019. Morgan Shaver . Writer. As a game, Jump Force is an acquired taste. It’s like when yo ...

2019-02-15 · Jump Force is not the first time characters from disparate Shonen Jump manga and anime franchises have faced off against one another in a fighting game, but this release represents the biggest and flashiest mashup brawl they have ever engaged in. The 40 characters have multiple bombastic animations for their noteworthy attacks, and it’s all wrapped up in a goofy story where universes collide ...

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