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Marshall Major IV

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The Major IV’s supra-aural (on-ear) cups have a rounded square shape, with generously cushioned, comfortable earpads. The headband has a faux grain leather pattern on it, and the underside is also cushioned and comfortable over long listening sessions. Whether you like the way the headphones look will likely depend on whether you like the Marshall guitar amp aesthetic—the headphones can come off as gimmicky with the Marshall script logo emblazoned on either ear, but the rest of the design exudes a simple cool that may appeal to more than just guitar rock fans. So many wireless headphones struggle with too many buttons or too few, or have a confusing array that requires memorization, but that isn't the case here. The Major IV headphones have a knob that easily controls everything. It can be pressed once for play/pause, once to answer or end a call, or twice to summon your device’s digital assistant. It can also be pushed forward to skip forward a track, or in the opposite direction t...
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Marshall Major IV (12 Reviews)
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