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2020-07-22 · Razer's 60-percent-design Huntsman Mini brings the comforts of a gaming keyboard (and of Razer's Synapse software) to mechanical-keyboard minimalists and serious esports contenders. MSRP $119.00...
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Razer Huntsman Mini (13 Reviews)

2020-07-22 · Razer's 60-percent-design Huntsman Mini brings the comforts of a gaming keyboard (and of Razer's Synapse software) to mechanical-keyboard minimalists and serious esports contenders. MSRP $119.00...

2020-07-14 · Razer's new Huntsman Mini takes the legendary keyboard and reduces it to just 60 percent its original size by omitting dedicated keys for function, numbers, and media. However, it retains its...

2020-08-17 · The Razer Huntsman Mini carries the brand's standout optical mechanical switch into its first 60% keyboard. With each key's light feel accompanied by premium doubleshot PBT keycaps, it can be great...

2020-09-03 · Razer Huntsman Mini review: Design At 11.5 inches long and 4.1 inches wide, the Huntsman Mini is indeed a good few inches smaller than the Huntsman Tournament Edition. It’s taller than the average...

2020-08-07 · The Razer Huntsman Mini is an exceptional gaming keyboard. It has an excellent build quality, it has full RGB backlighting with individually-lit keys, and all keys are macro-programmable. The Clicky Optical switches on our unit feel responsive due to their low pre-travel distance, and they require very little force to actuate.

2020-07-14 · The Razer Huntsman Mini is one of the most unique gaming keyboards from a mainstream manufacturer, which automatically gets it some cool points. However, for a lot of people, adjusting to a...

2020-08-12 · Looking at the Razer Huntsman Mini, it's like a real keyboard had a little baby. Aww. I genuinely think the Huntsman Mini is one of cutest-looking gaming keyboards known to humankind, but then I do...

The Razer Huntsman Mini has had every bit of fat trimmed off, leaving an incredibly lean gaming keyboard with nothing but the bare essentials. There's no numpad, no directional keys, no dedicated...

2020-07-14 · The Razer Huntsman Mini, for instance, will set you back $119 (about £95, AU$170) for the clicky variant and $129 (about £100, AU$190) for the Linear variant. For a 60% form factor keyboard, that's a big asking price, especially when you consider the regular tenkey Huntsman is $149, and is a lot more versatile.

Switches: Razer Optical Clicky or Razer Optical Linear. Software: Razer Synapse. Polling: 1000Hz N-Kay rollover: Yes. Price when reviewed. In Australia, the Razer Huntsman Mini is priced at AU$219.95 for the model with clicky switches and AU$239.95 for linear switches. You can grab it via the Razer website here. Design & Performance

2020-07-22 · Enter: The Razer Huntsman Mini, a 60% keyboard with all the Huntsman optical key goodness. A 60% keyboard is smaller than a normal-size board, removing the dedicated numeric pad and media controls. This makes for a keyboard that easily fits on any desktop or tournament play space.

2020-08-19 · The Huntsman Mini is an absolutely gorgeous offering from Razer. It’s got a low profile, height-adjustable aluminium base that gives keys the effect of looking as if they’re floating (love this). It’s got Chroma RGB for its backlit PBT double-shot keycaps, with lighting options available directly on the keyboard, though it bears mentioning that the secondary legends are not backlit. It ...

2020-09-07 · The Razer Huntsman Mini comes with Razer’s patented hybrid optical mechanical switches, which are designed to minimise key travel time and actuation force for the highest amount of precision possible by way of a mechanical switch activating a light-operated circuit board with every key press. It comes with two variants – the clicky Purples and the silent Reds – and we opted for the ...
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