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2020-08-10 · The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are good – but not great – true wireless earbuds. They have a number of neat features and offer a combined 28-hour battery life, but their sound isn’t amazing, and the...
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (15 Reviews)

2020-08-10 · The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are good – but not great – true wireless earbuds. They have a number of neat features and offer a combined 28-hour battery life, but their sound isn’t amazing, and the...

2020-08-06 · Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Bottom line: The Galaxy Buds Live aren't only the most unique wireless earbuds to hit the market in a long time, they're also among the best you can buy. The Buds Live are...

The Galaxy Buds Live have a dual-mic active-noise-canceling system similar to Apple’s AirPods Pro (8/10, Wired Recommends), but I’d be lying if I told you they compete with Apple’s stunning level...

2020-09-03 · The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live do an extraordinary job eliminating background noise during calls. On your end, everything is as clear as it needs to be. The buds propensity for the higher registers...

2020-08-06 · The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are a baffling product: the earbuds boast noise cancelling without the crucial ability to seal to the ear. Yet, the noise cancelling actually works to some degree. Listeners who like the idea of being aware of their surroundings, and want something that makes a statement will be drawn to these earphones.

2020-08-31 · The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live look to continue Samsung’s winning streak with wireless earbuds, following this year’s excellent Galaxy Buds Plus. And in many ways they do, as Samsung’s unique...

2020-08-12 · The mirror-like finish on the Galaxy Buds Live is very reflective. Each bud has a 12-millimeter driver and a bass duct for more powerful audio. With three total beamforming mics — two on the...

2020-08-06 · The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live try to change the game of how true wireless earbuds work, but ultimately they come up against physics. Their odd, loose fit means the music doesn't connect with you in...

2020-08-18 · Samsung Galaxy Buds Live performance — Improved sound but still work to do Sound quality is an area Samsung headphones have always struggled in, despite their ownership of heavyweight audio brand...

2020-08-06 · This Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review comes from the audio experts at our sister site SoundGuys. Check out their in-depth take on the Galaxy Buds Live. This review was first written when using...

2020-08-29 · Samsung Galaxy Buds Live design In a sea of AirPods and AirPods clones, be a pair of Galaxy Buds Live. The Live is wonderfully weird and inviting. I swore I heard a literal “bling” as I opened the...

Well, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live aren’t your average pair of in-ear headphones. Yes, they’re a pair of wireless earbuds, but the Korean giant has gone back to the drawing board for their new Galaxy Buds. The shape and fit are unlike anything we’ve ever seen from the brand or anyone else for that matter.

2020-08-26 · Microsoft Surface Earbuds review Samsung Galaxy Buds Live throw-out the circular design found on the Galaxy Buds (Image: SAMSUNG) Once flat, you simply place them back in the very neat little case...

2020-09-11 · Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review – Galaxy Wearable app For Android and iOS users, you can make use of the Galaxy Wearable app. With it, you can adjust your listening experience, toggle ANC, check the battery life, and more.

2020-09-01 · The Galaxy Buds Live don’t even go into your ear canal, instead, just resting in your ears. This is known as an “open ear” design but is still refreshing in a world of stems or big earbuds ...
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