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2020-07-20 · The Samsung Galaxy S20 isn’t the most cutting-edge of Samsung’s S20 lineup – that honor goes to the Galaxy S20 Ultra – but it’s still a powerful phone with an ergonomic and attractive design, and...
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Samsung Galaxy S20 (17 Reviews)

2020-07-20 · The Samsung Galaxy S20 isn’t the most cutting-edge of Samsung’s S20 lineup – that honor goes to the Galaxy S20 Ultra – but it’s still a powerful phone with an ergonomic and attractive design, and...

2020-03-23 · With powerful Android phones getting bigger all the time, the comparably diminutive Samsung Galaxy S20 is a refreshing change of pace. It also happens to be the best Android phone you can buy right...

2020-03-16 · The middle child of three new Samsung phones, the S20+ has all of the multi-band 5G power of the $1,499 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but without that phone's gigantic size, price, or camera focus...

2020-08-11 · The Galaxy S20 Plus is the best mix of high-end features and price in Samsung’s S20 lineup, offering a gorgeous 120Hz display, impressive cameras and 5G in a slick design.

2020-03-25 · Samsung Galaxy S20+ unboxing The Galaxy S20+ comes in the standard Samsung flagship-grade packaging. That means a sturdy black box with not much in terms of frills. There is a bold S20, spilling...

The 6.7-inch Galaxy S20 Plus isn't as unwieldy as the gargantuan S20 Ultra with its 6.9-inch screen, but it still requires you to shuffle it in your hand (or employ your other hand) to reach the...

2020-03-11 · As my colleagues saw in our reviews of the Ultra and Galaxy S20+, the Galaxy S20 can over-smooth facial details and make photos of your friends and kids seem soft or blurry at times. However, it...

2020-05-07 · Samsung Galaxy S20 review: Performance and battery life The S20 family is powered by Samsung’s newest homebrew Exynos 990 processor. This is a 7nm, octa-core chipset with a maximum clock speed of...

2020-04-10 · The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is not a beautiful smartphone, but it’s a maturely crafted, well proportioned mobile device. This understated phone isn’t for showing off unless you get it in the pretty...

2020-03-23 · Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20 devices, saying that this was the start of the next 10 years of innovation. From a design point of view, the new stand-out highlight is the camera module on the ...

2020-03-11 · If you saw the Galaxy S20 Ultra review, you were “treated” to a long, complicated exegesis on Samsung’s big bet on high megapixel sensors and how that bet didn’t really pay off. Fortunately, the...

Samsung likes to go big on cameras with its flagship phones, and the Galaxy S20 is no different. It’s not quite as high-tech as the snapper on its larger sibling, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but you’re still getting a triple-lens set-up with 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP wide-angle and 64MP telephoto lenses. There’s 10x digital zoom, improved quality in low lighting conditions and 8K video recording ...

2020-07-03 · Samsung Galaxy S20 Review. Feature-packed beyond reason. By Mark Knapp. Posted: 3 Jul 2020 4:30 pm. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the younger sibling to two more premium-tier smartphones from Samsung ...

Welcome to T3's Samsung Galaxy S20 review. We've gone hands-on with the South Korean manufacturer's new range of flagships (including the top-end device in the range, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra ...

2020-04-19 · Samsung is even offering to buy back your Galaxy S20 after 24 months for $500 if you pay full MSRP today, which far exceeds the used market value of a Samsung phone after two years, effectively ...

2020-03-06 · The Samsung Galaxy S20+ is the middle child in the new Galaxy S20 flagship trio, packing in many of the best features the company can offer. But at a steep Rs. 73,999, is it really worth it?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Smartphone Review – High-Quality Smartphone with Quirks Compact star system. Samsung's Galaxy S20 is the latest update to one of the most famous smartphone series.
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